Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Pope Will Be Arrested - Call for Militia!

In this Cindy praises, the actions of Pete Santilli who is fighting for the homeless and sick Veterans in A.Z. Where Senator McCain has forgotten his past when he was held hostage and the U.S. left him there for years! I also want to give props and respect to Ben Time Traveller for being a big supporter and leader of this movement to help those who can no longer help themselves. This is a real travesty going on in other states also!

The fake Pope will be in Washington Sept. 21. Cindy Kay Currier is going to arrest him the minute he puts his feet on the ground. (Well now that happened right? Is she must be out of her freaking mind!)
 Representatives from thirty States have already signed to take our land back! And, she talks about a coming event on Sept 21st. IMO there are so many different people seeing visions of a disaster of one kind or, another. I think it's a good idea to have our own government in place. Something spiritual is going on. We are fighting the demons who run this country. These child molesters, these murderers brainwashed the entire TV generation. Children die in wars. And the babies dying of starvation while the Queens fortune can  eradicate world hunger, and then some. And, there's still people who are unawares of the brainwashing, and do whatever the President says. Who still worships a fake pope. The real Pope is still alive. Retired Pope Benedict XVI celebrated his 88th birthday Thursday with a party and a pint of beer. Vatican City is a Sanctuary for criminal.
Once the fake pope steps out of Vatican City the laws change. He can be arrested for crimes of humanity. 
Documents to form a Militia: Sept. 21

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