Friday, April 11, 2014

Global Reset News Report!

The Story of Your Enslavement

Update: Aug 6, 2015
By Cosmic Voice Hosted By Thomas Williams, Drake, and Neil Keenan shows up during second part of the show.

Important! Start here 52:29 and listen carefully! warning about Cindy Kay Currier at 1:08:01 You will hear a lot of familiar names, warnings, common sense, and de-bunking. Then go back and listen to the beginning.
Starship Earth The Big Picture Blog

Update: 3/28/15

Update Neil Keenan Death Threats;

Update: Cosmic Vision News 1/30/2015

Update: 1/31/2015 Neil Keenan
Transcript of Video below!

Update: 2/09/15 Neil's Blog on Red Dragon Ambassador.

The Committee of 300 The World Bank Group USA

Update: 1/07/2015 Cosmic Voice. Hosted by Thomas Williams, Keenan

Update-1/04/14 NEIL KEENAN
Cosmic Voice Hosted By Thomas Williams Talking with Drake & Neil Keenan.

This site has been taken down?
A strange list of 2015 Future Historians! There are 169 people, from Hillary and Bill Clinton to Larry Silverstein, Alan Greenspan and, to my surprise Ron Van Dyke? There are pages and pages of links.

Click Here!
Here is the bio of the blogger. Click here for their bio!

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